Remote Car Start on a Cold Winter Day

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Remote Car Start on a Cold Winter DayHere is a video of the comforts of remote car start..

This video was shot on February 12th, 2022 during another cold snap our city was suffering.

The temperature was a cold -25C or -18F. I know, I should have plugged in the car on that day. You can hear the cold as the motor starts to turn. But hey, the battery has some serious cranking power, so I was spared this time around.

Here is the YouTube video.

After about 8 minutes of running, the steering wheel was a comfortable 20 degrees C / 68 Fahrenheit. The seat started to get warmer as well. Actually, it seems to get warmer when one actually sits on the seat. I think there are sensors which detect a person sitting.

This video was shot using an overlay technique.