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We placed an order for the Seek CompactPro camera on September 22, 2020. Even before receiving it, I figured I was going to be taking a lot of pretty cool videos. There are a bunch of "Guys" on the internet who specialize on a specific topic. You have Slomo Guys. You have Piano Guys. I figured there is enough room out there for this niche area, so now there is the Thermal Guy.

I checked to see if the website had been registered. It wasn't, so I registered it on September 24, 2020.

Things are happening a bit backwards here. I haven't even taken a thermal image yet, but I am making a website on thermal imagery and videography.

Not to worry though, things will fall into place (so I keep telling myself).

There will be the box opening for the camera in a subsequent blog entry, followed by the new series of videos on thermal videography.