Welcome to Thermal Guy

Who is the Thermal Guy?

Although Thermal Guy sounds like a super hero or a villain, I am neither. So why am I the thermal guy? Well, I own a thermal camera and I am going to be taking a bunch of cool videos and pictures.

I will be exploring the world through the lens of a thermal camera and share my experiences and discoveries by ways of YouTube videos and blogging so you can experience the thermal world too.

What is Thermal Imagery?

Electromagnetic Spectrum

Thermal imagery or infrared thermography detects radiation in the long-infrared range of the electromagnetic spectrum. The complete thermal range is between roughly 700 nanometers to 1 millimeter. Thermal cameras capture wavelengths between 9000 to 14000 nanometers. Visible light ends at 700 nanometers, so this is beyond the red range of light we can see with our eyes. However since all objects emit thermal radiation, it is possible to see objects with or without visible illumination using infrared sensors.

Thermal Imaging Equipment

Seek Compact Pro

We are using a compact camera from the makers of Seek Thermal.

The Seek Compact PRO is an add-on to a smartphone. Seek manufactures a number of devices in the compact series which are either compatible with iPhones or with Androids with USB or USB-C connectors. We have the model which is compatible with Apple devices. I will be attaching the camera to either my iPhone (iPhone 6S Plus) or my iPad (iPad Air 2).

The general specs for Compact PRO are:

  1. 320x240 thermal sensor.
  2. Resolution of 76800 pixels.
  3. Accuracy +/- 5 degrees.
  4. Temperature range detection from -40F to 626F (-40C to 330C).
  5. Detection distance of up to 1800 feet (~550 meters).
  6. Lens has a 32 degrees horizontal / 23 degrees vertical field of view.
  7. Fastframe - higher frames per second.

Blog / Videos

We will be sharing our experiences and provide more information via our blog, which will be linked to our YouTube Channel.